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Processing and Services

Cool Springs offers on-site slaughter, processing and vacuum sealed packaging for beef, pork, lamb, goats, and bison. We also cut to your specifications. If you're reselling, we also offer NCDA processing. 

Processing Fee for Beef/Bison: $1.00/lb. NCDA Processing: $1.15/lb

Processing Fee for Hogs: $1.00/lb. NCDA Processing: $1.15/lb

Slaughter Fee for Beef: $105. NCDA Slaughter Fee for Beef: $105

Slaughter Fee for Hogs: $80 NCDA Slaughter Fee for Hogs: $105

Lamb Processing: $120

Meats For Sale to The Public

Cool Springs has a meat cooler with all kinds of cuts from different animals for sale to anyone who comes in! These meats vary from week to week, so always call ahead to see if we have what you're looking for. 

Beef Cuts and Prices

Brisket $8.99/lb  Chuckeye $12.99  Chuck Roast $8.99/lb  Cube Steak $9.99/lb  Denver Steak $12.99  Eye of Round $8.99/lb Stir Fry/Fajita $8.99/lb  Beef Fat $1.79  Filet Migon $22.99 

Flank Steak $12.99/lb  Flat Iron $12.99 /lb Hanger Steak $12.99 /lb Beef Heart $1.79/lb  Beef Brats $8.99/lb  Beef Liver $1.99/lb  Moc Tender $12.99/lb  NY Strip $14.99/lb  Ox Tail $8.99/lb  Picanha $16.99/lb Ribeye $18.99/lb  Rib Stew $7.99/lb  Beef Shank $6.99/lb  Short Ribs $7.99/lb Ribs "Dino" $7.99/lb Sirloin Steak $12.99/lb  Shoulder Roast $8.99/lb  Skirt Steak $12.99/lb  Beef Stew $8.99/lb  

Beef T-Bone $14.99/lb  Tomahawk Ribeye $24.99/lb Beef Tongue $9.99/lb  Beef Lips 8.99/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast $8.99/lb  Ground Beef $6.99/lb Beef Patties $7.99/pack

Pork Cuts and Prices

Picnic "Shoulder" $3.79/lb  Pigs Feet $2.00/lb  Pork Skin $2.99/lb  Pork Belly $5.99 

Pork Bones $2.99/lb  Boston Butt $3.79/lb  Pork Chop $4.49/lb  Chorizo $5.99 

Cubed Tenderloin $4.49/lb  Ham Steak $3.49/lb  Pork Heart $2.99/lb Pork Brats $7.99/lb

Sausage $4.49/lb Sausage Patties $5.99/lb Jowls $5.99/lb  Pork Fat $1.99/lb Pork Ribs $5.99/lb

Pork Liver $2.99/lb  Pork Shoulder Steak $3.79/lb  Pork Sirloin $4.49/lb Pork Tenderloin $4.49/lb

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